Bailey, who serves as Managing Editor, Lead Fiction Editor, Assistant CNF Editor, and Assistant Poetry Editor is a poet/essayist/fictionist from Columbus, Indiana. Her poetry has appeared in Flying Island Literary Journal and Indiana’s Best Emerging Poets. She has recently read original Plath-focused poetry in Belfast, Northern Ireland for Sylvia Plath: Letters, Words and Fragments (2017 international Plath conference).


Born, raised, and currently residing in the farmland surrounding Gaston, Indiana, John Carter lives with his wife, Chelce, and his cat, Sansa, on his family’s small farm. He serves as lead resources editor, assistant CNF editor, and assistant social media editor. A poet by practice and gardener by passion, his work (the writing anyway) has appeared in The Broken Plate and THiNK Magazine. When he’s not on a quest to find THE DARKEST BEER, he can be found reading Ross Gay poems to his sheep and workshopping his own poetry with his cat.



Lindsey is the lead poetry editor, a social media editor, and an assistant editor of resources. She loves all genres of writing but works primarily with poetry, publications of which can be found in Tributaries, where she later served as an assistant editor. Lindsey is from small-town Arcanum, Ohio, and is obsessed with her pet turtle, Hawthorne.



Silas, who is the faculty advisor and Editor, is an essayist who lives in Muncie, Indiana (by way of Columbus, Ohio and his native western New York). His work has appeared in The Normal School, Colorado Review, Slate, and elsewhere. He once swept both the “NASCAR nicknames” and “Aaron Sorkin” categories at trivia on the same night.



Keith is a web designer and assistant editor of fiction, comics, and hybrid work. He’s originally from Lapel, Indiana where the smell of manure permeates the skin, but his heart lies wherever his kids and wife are. That is where he is from. He writes fiction and nonfiction, loves video games, and makes a living cleaning sidewalks for Kohl’s. He does not get Kohl’s cash, so don’t ask.



joj toils as Social Media Editor and Assistant Editor of CNF and Resources. Currently resides in a state of Midlife Crisis. Writes everything at least once. Their work has appeared in Number One.




Rachel is an essayist (and occasional poet) originally from the Kansas City side of Missouri. She serves as lead CNF editor, assistant poetry editor, and web designer. Her poetry has been published by thread arts collective. In her free time, Rachel takes voice lessons and sings opera.



Casey, who serves as a managing editor and assistant editor for fiction, comics, and hybrid works, is a fiction writer and aspiring screenwriter. He’s from Indiana, but wishes he wasn’t from Indiana. In the late hours of the night, he enjoys writing and designing games.



Sarah serves as a managing editor and is a short story writer from Lahore, Pakistan. Her work has appeared in a UK-based bilingual quarterly literary magazine, TADEEB International. Sometimes what she writes about her characters prophesies her own life.