Cesca Janece Waterfield — “Elsewhere”

There's a place where weather
warms its arms
              and rests awhile,
while winter drapes the back of a chair
like a robe slipped off in dark.

Here, days drag long shadows
to fatten in sunlight, and wind
braids air
    with air.
At dusk,
drowned stars fetch fire
somewhere born before night
had a name, before anyone.
Come evening, minutes float back
and rise 
    the way water sweetens
in a long rain.

       For a moment,
I'm pinned
still in the clutch of a soft moon
turning over me slow.
The mare stretches and gives
a croaking cry.
               She’s drunk
with her own saunter,
though she knows it’s early
and the field fence goes on.

Cesca Janece Waterfield’s poetry, nonfiction, and short fiction have been published in or are forthcoming from Deep South Magazine, Scalawag Magazine, Writers Resist, Foliate Oak, and more. They were nominated for Best New Poets of 2017. They teach composition to undergraduates as a PhD student at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. They completed their MFA and MA at McNeese State University.